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Dad’s Guide to Twins: How to Survive the Twin Pregnancy and Prepare for Your Twins


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When you find out that you are expecting twins, you are in total shock. Your mind races with a million questions and you start to stress out about what to do to get ready.

This guide will help you be prepared and ready to tackle life the next several months without having to wade through a lengthy book you don’t have time to read. It is perfect for the expectant twin dad whether your twins are your first and second children or ninth and tenth.

Read this guide and you’ll uncover money-saving tips, understand your preparation options, and eliminate common surprises that accompany every twin pregnancy and the early days of newborn twins.

Money and finances are some of the most common concerns of parents expecting twins. This book covers:

  • answers to “How am I going to pay for all of this?”
  • recommended twin supplies and gear: what you should get and what you don’t need
  • how to get cheap (and free) baby formula and supplies for your twins

Having twins isn’t easy. When you know what to expect, things go a lot smoother. Get this book for:

  • real-life twin dad experiences that you can learn from
  • valuable mindsets to help conquer the overwhelm of twins
  • brutal challenges twin dads must face
  • happy things to look forward to
  • nagging frustrations that you can minimize or avoid
  • the reality of surviving the twin pregnancy

Preparing your family is an essential part of preparing for twins. You’ll see:

  • how to prepare your kids for their twin siblings’ arrival
  • tips for keeping your marriage relationship solid
  • preparations you must make for your newborn twins

Being pregnant with twins is full of health risks and specialized medical care. Get a peak into what you could experience with your twins:

  • navigating the logistics of prenatal twin visits and ultrasounds
  • twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), preeclampsia, and other complications
  • types of twins and what it means to your twin pregnancy
  • how to survive bed rest during the twin pregnancy
  • what to expect with a twin delivery
  • delivering twins via c-section
  • NICU time for your newborn twins

After reading this guide, you’ll be informed, cool, calm, and collected and ready for the challenge ahead. Implement my tips and you, your family, and home will be prepared for your twins’ arrival.

About the Author

Joe Rawlinson is the father of four children: two boys and identical twin girls. He has helped thousands of parents prepare for and raise their twins through his blog, podcast, and his books.Β Joe has heard from many fathers of twins that there just isn’t enough information to help them on their twin journey. He wrote this book so you don’t have to struggle as you prepare for your twins’ arrival. You can thrive as a father of twins. This book shows you how.

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